Emma Stone’s New Revlon Ad!


Soo.. Emma Stone is in a new Revlon ad!

You may have known our name sake actress was a face for Revlon’s Nearly Naked makeup line; something not close to being news in fact. Well, she has further added to this with a new advertisment. Telling us how every girl has her secrets, she added Nearly Naked is just another one of hers.

The ad approaches secrets honestly- and Emma lets us in on another of her truths. For you obsessed fans, it’s nothing new, but for the rest of the population the story behind Emma’s might be. Basically, Emma screamed so much as a child that her voice was “damaged” and developed into the wonderful tone it is today.

We love the approach, but then again we may be biased.. Check out the video yourself, and let us know what you think!

Link courtesy of Revlon/ Youtube


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