And so we are conceived! Hopefully you’ve come here loving Emma Stone as much as we do, and your obsession has you wondering what the hell she’s up to.. well; we hope to provide such a role!

Maybe you’re like us, and search the inter-ma-call-it everyday trying to find out how Emma’s life is developing. You may have noticed as a result that the story you read on Wednesday is only being realised by someone on Saturday (and after cursing their punctuation) you come to realise there is no Emma news for you today- and its off to bed, disappointed. We hope you’ll come to us (where we’ll have already yagoogled Emma Stone!) and provide the story (written by us) as soon as we know it’s happened. We’ll save you reading stale stories, and won’t fool you into thinking you’ve got new info to catch up on!

I guess we wont be breaking any stories (yet -.-) but we are aspiring journalists and hope to get round to it.. stick with us! The twitter machine and the likes will be set up momentarily, so we hope we can help you stay as up-to-date as possible! The first story will be up soon, and we hope you enjoy!


Confessions of your love for Emma may of course be left in the comments. Who knows, we may start a community!